Sometimes it’s easier to say what we do by saying what we won’t do. I remember signing up far a hike to the seven waterfalls in the foothills of Sucre Bolivia. I was excited about the hike and prepared well for it. The day was to start at 8am and the hike would take all day. I brought my camera and was excited to be doing this.

What the tour operator actually delivered was a trip to a museum in the morning where we sat through an hour’s BBC animation about dinosaurs. We then looked at some plastic models of what dinosaurs might have looked like. After 3 hours we took a bus to the waterfalls. Some of these were 10 foot tall and some were 2 or 3 ft. The area was littered with bottles and rubbish, we were home by three. Needless to say, it was a real disappointment.


On another occasion, I booked up to visit one of the floating reed islands inhabited by the Uru indigenous people on Lake Titicaca. What was delivered was a floating wooden platform held up by coke cola bottles and covered with straw. You paid to get on, the we were forced to buy a fish dinner and had to pay to get back off.
I laugh at it now, but tourism is often done so badly and what you get can be so very different from what you imagined or signed up for. I wanted to make travelling Bolivia with vAMMos different. We offer adventure holidays for real adventurists.
We can cater for differing fitness levels and disability (although I don’t believe there is such a thing). In the main we will go at your pace but be prepared. Adventure can be hard. Sleep can be difficult and comfortable accommodation non-existent. The main attribute that you will need to enjoy an adventure with us is a positive character. Everything else we can work through.


So set your expectations, Bolivia runs at a slower pace and things have a habit of changing around us. We cannot legislate for the weather, changes in local laws and customs. Plus of course wildlife doesn’t always do what we want and it may not always be possible to see every animal that we set out to see. Because we offer true adventure, there will be moments of exhaustion. However we know these will be mixed with moments of utter wonder and exhilaration.


Oh sorry, just so you are fully aware:
  • There are Insects – expect bites
  • There may at times be a lack of privacy (we often have to do our bathing in rivers)
  • Pack light – you will be carrying your own equipment
  • We sleep in hammocks and often camp around a fire – you may have to keep watch whilst others sleep
Bolivia offers a wealth of different vistas. We will meet amazing people and experience a rawness that that will delight you. Bolivia’s culture, history and views of the heavens will challenge your beliefs. Bolivian adventure might break you, but if it doesn’t, you will leave a better stronger person with a lifetime of memories that will inspire you to reach amazing new heights. Bolivia might just change your life. It did mine!


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