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We understand Bolivia and have explored relentlessly over the past 10 years. Our knowledge of the undisturbed Bolivian Amazon is paramount to your magical and inspiring trip.

Logistics Management

Logistics management for your trip. You tell us what you want and we manage the logistics. Ideal for film and documentary makers or first time travellers or groups.

Medical trips

We can manage the logistics for medical teams who with the permission of the MOH of Bolivia wish to reach remote locations for humanitarian projects.

Riverboat Adventure

Join a bespoke 1 or 2 week Amazon riverboat adventure focusing on finding and filming river dolphins and capybara. Followed by relaxing stay in a remote Jungle location.

Bird watching

Bird watching and photography. Specialists in locating Condors and Amazon wildlife.

Mountain Retreat

Photograph or paint Bolivia’s three highest mountains. Specialist trip to take in the wonders of Mount Michini, Condoriri and Huayna Potosi.

The Night Sky

Photography trip with a focus on night sky. Take advantage of the clear desert skies and cloud free atmosphere near of the Atacama desert to take photographs as never before. Includes camping and treking, plus 4×4 travel. Dawn and sunset photography catered for.

off the beaten track unique trips of a lifetime

photography trips

The difficulty for photographers who travel with package tours or even local tour guides is the pressure of time. The tour has to move on and the driver wants to get home or on to take another group out to the same spot.

With vAMMos we understand this and plan our wildlife trips to coincide with when we are most likely to see wildlife. We might set up the evening before and camp out to catch animals at play at dawn or for our landscape customers we understand that light makes or breaks a shot. If you want to wait for the shot, then we wait.

Our specialty in the lowlands is river birds. River otters and capybara are plentiful, but you have to know where to find them. We know a few places and where the light works. Otters are found under branches and at rivers banks in the shade, whilst we are on a boat in the sun. A hard photo to get right unless you plan the shot and have the time needed to get it right. We know river dolphin quite well now. Again, a hard mammal to film. Patience and a little luck are needed. There are three large cats in the Bolivian Amazon. The jaguar is the prize but it can take a lot of time to find Jaguar. They are very elusive and local guides are fearful of them. I’m happy to try and work with you to get this shot, but no promises.

Talk to us about what you would like to see. We understand photography.

off the beaten track unique trip’s of a lifetime

Adventure tours

What does adventure mean to you? It is different for everyone and so how can an adventure trip fit with you unless you choose the things you wanted to do.

In 2010 Ed Stafford walked the length of the Amazon. It took him 3 years. To me that’s an amazing adventure. Having read his book I know that whole months of this trip were far from enjoyable and he had many moments where he disliked immensely what he was doing. To some people an afternoon of white water rafting or a bungie jump is an adventure, then back to the hotel to have a few beers.

We don’t do that. We work with people who want to do something unusual maybe for the first time. Maybe not as big as walking the Amazon, but maybe for you it could be. Bolivia has climbable mountains yet to be conquered, rivers that have never been walked or canoed or rafted from source to end. Lakes that have not been swum across. How many people have cycled across the country? (It has been done but not by many).

If its adventure of this kind that you are looking for then Bolivia is an amazing place to be. Its diverse geography and sheer beauty make it perfect for an adventure of a lifetime and vAMMos can make it happen for you. Share your ideas with us and lets get planning.

Andean Medical Mission
vAMMos supports the work of the Andean Medical Mission (AMM) in their efforts to eliminate avoidable blindness in Northern Bolivia. The amazing AMM surgeons travel every year to remote villages where they carry out sight saving operations free of charge for the many blind people living in the Amazon. Speak to us about fundraising for AMM.